African American Female Poet

Writing poetry is less daunting when students can analyze a model. Within this lesson, students first pay attention to a read-aloud of Flicker Flash by Joan Bransfield Graham in order to understand the notion of shape poems. Students use the interactive Shape Poems tool to create their own poems, then work with a peer to evaluate their use of sensory language. Finally, students print and share their shape poems.

African American Female Poet
Another early precursor from Herbert is “Easter Wings”, where the overall typography of the poem is within the model of its subject. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll contains a similar effect as the mouse’s “Tale”, which is the same shape as a tail. In early 20th century, artists and poets including the Futurism movement used concrete poetry being a dynamic expression of their anarchistic philosophies. F. T. Marinetti was probably the most prolific poet included in this, and created several works that destroyed all typographic conventions. More recent poets sometimes cited as influences by concrete poets include Guillaume Apollinaire, E. E. Cummings, for his various typographical innovations, and Ezra Pound, for his usage of Chinese ideograms, in addition to various dadaists. Concrete poetry, however, is really a more self-conscious form than the others predecessors, using typography simply to discuss the fundamental instability of language. Among the better known concrete poets in the English language are Ian Hamilton Finlay, Dom Sylvester Hou?dard and Edwin Morgan. A well-known concrete poets are Andr?s Pet?cz in the Hungarian language and Joan Brossa within the Catalan language. Several important concrete poets seemed to be significant sound poets, among them Henri Chopin, Ernst Jandl, and Bob Cobbing.

African American Female Poet
Another precursor to concrete poetry is Micrography, a technique for creating creation by Hebrew-speaking artists who create pictures using tiny arrangements of Biblical texts organized usually in some recoverable format in images which illustrate the writing used. As noted in the entry, micrography enables the creation of images of natural objects by observant Jews without directly damaging the prohibition of making “graven images” that might be interpreted as idolatry. The process is now utilized by both religious and secular artists and reportedly can also be used by Arabic writer-artists.

Anna Katharina Schaffner Kim Knowles, Ulrich Weger and that i are owning a group of experiments testing how people perceive concrete poems by measuring their eye-movements and modes and patterns of attention in the University of Kent. We investigated whether our participants read or scan these works, whether they take a look at space or compress it. We would have liked to find out which code dominates, whether the verbal or the visual code attracts attention first, and how space is in fact ‘read’.

A shape poem gets its name from the shape. Needless to say, all written poems have shape, but some make use of the contour around reinforce or emphasize this is. As an example, a poem may be shaped like its subject– a seal or even a skateboard.

Other poems are almost all shape, using words as fill or as paint strokes. They are called concrete poems.


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